Union Cabinet approves MoU between India-UK on Migration and Mobility Partnership


The Union Cabinet chaired by PM Modi gave its approval to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between India and the United Kingdom on the Migration and Mobility Partnership.

The MoU will support the innovation ecosystem in both nations by facilitating the free flow of talent. As per the official release, the Ministry of External Affairs will be closely monitoring the effective implementation of the signed MoU through the Joint Working Group Mechanism.

The Union Cabinet, meanwhile, has also given its ex-post facto approval to the signing of MoU between India and the United Kingdom on the Global Innovation Partnership.

MoU on Migration and Mobility Partnership: Objective

The Memorandum of Understanding aims at liberalizing the issuance of visas to promote the mobility of the researchers, students, and skilled professionals.

It will also strengthen cooperation on the issues related to human trafficking and migration between the two sides.

The agreement will benefit the academics, Indian students and researchers, migrants for economic and professional reasons. It will also facilitate those willing to contribute through various projects to the economic development of both the nations without the consideration of creed, caste, gender, or religion.

Global Innovation Partnership between India and UK:

The Union Cabinet also gave its approval to the signing of the Global Innovation Partnership between India and the UK.

The partnership was announced during a virtual summit between PM Modi and UK PM Boris Johnson. It aims to transfer the inclusive Indian innovations to selected developing countries, starting with Africa.

Both India and UK have agreed to enhance the cooperation on the new and emerging technologies which will include ICT and Digital products and will work on the supply resilience.

Global Innovation Partnership: Key Details

GIP will support the Indian innovators to scale up their innovations in third-world nations. It will help these countries in exploring new markets and become self-sustainable.

GIP innovations will be focused on Sustainable Development Goals, thereby, assisting the recipient nations in achieving their SDGs.

Through grants, investments, seed funding, GIP will support the Indian innovators and entrepreneurs to test, scale, and take their innovative development solution to the developing nations.

Global Innovation Partnership will also create an open and inclusive e-marketplace for cross-border innovation transfer.

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