UK Government approves extradition of fugitive economic offender Nirav Modi


The United Kingdom Home Secretary Priti Patel approved the extradition of fugitive Indian economic offender Nirav Modi. This was informed by a Central Bureau of Investigation official on April 16, 2021. 

This is great news for India, as Nirav Modi is wanted in India on the charges of money laundering and fraud. 

Nirav Modi Trial: Key Highlights 

•A UK court on February 25, 2021 dismissed Nirav Modi’s arguments regarding his ‘mental health concerns’ and ordered his extradition to India to stand trial. 

•The Westminster Magistrate’s Court Judge Samuel Goozee rejected all grounds laid out by Modi’s defence against his extradition. 

•A spokesman for the United Kingdom’s Home Office said in a statement on April 16, 2021 that the extradition order was signed on April 15.

•However, Nirav Modi can still appeal to a higher court in Britain against the decisions of both the district court and the secretary within 14 days.

Nirav Modi Fraud Case

•Nirav Modi faces multiple charges in cases being handled by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate. 

•He has been accused of fraud worth over Rs 14000 crores ($2.2 billion) in the Punjab National Bank (PNB), which is India’s biggest scam so far. 

•The diamond merchant fled to the United Kingdom in 2018 before the matter could come to light and action could be taken.

•Since then, the Indian government has been trying to bring Nirav Modi back. 

•He was arrested in London in 2019 and has been in custody since then. 


Nirav Modi is a world-renowned jeweler, whose diamonds have been worn by the biggest stars including Hollywood stars such as Kate Winslet and Dakota Johnson, 

In 2018, India’s second-largest state-run bank- Punjab National Bank stated that two jewelry groups headed by Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi had defrauded it by raising credit from other Indian banks using illegal guarantees. Both Modi and Choksi denied wrongdoing but they fled the country. 

Another prominent fugitive economic offender is Vijay Mallya, who was ordered to be extradited by the British Home Office in 2019 but has since appealed and continues to fight his case in London.

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