Top 5 Delhi Colleges To Must Target


Getting admission in the Delhi University is something, every student dreams about. Delhi University has been a top most choice for students whether it is for Undergraduate for Postgraduate courses. Delhi University consists of 63 colleges, which are known for their high standard education and great placement opportunities. With excellent education, these colleges also demand high grades to enter. If you meet the necessary requirements, you should know about the top colleges of DU to focus on.

Here are the top 5 DU colleges you must target:  

St. Stephen’s College: Established on February 1, 1881, this is the oldest college in Delhi. Its main attraction is the red brick styled buildings, which looks admirable. This college tops the list, as it is counted among those, which gives the quality education. 

Hindu college: Hindu college is always mentioned when it comes to talking about Delhi University. Founded in 1899, this college has a proper balance of academic and co-curricular activities, which makes it the center of attraction for most of the youngsters. Hindu college has successfully maintained its position in the top 10 list till date.

Lady Shri Ram college for women: Lady Shri Ram College for women, which is also known as LSR is a girls colleges located in South Campus. LSR is best known to provide great academics to those who score overall NAAC score of 3.61.

Miranda House: Getting admission in Miranda House is surely a dream for every girl. This women college is one of the largest and most beautiful campuses in Delhi University. Miranda house is best known for its international collaborations and exchange programs for the students of different departments.

Ramjas College: Founded in 1917, this college has a rich heritage in academic excellence. This college is known for providing quality education across the world. The courses offered at Ramjas College include personality development, skill development and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of the students.

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