Top 5 Current Affairs: 23 April 2021


Vehicle rallies, roadshows, pad yatras banned in poll-bound West Bengal

The Election Commission of India has banned any form of pad yatra, roadshows, vehicle rallies in poll-bound West Bengal in the light of non-adherence to the Coronavirus protocols by the political parties. Both CM Mamata Banerjee and PM Modi have decided to hold rallies virtually.

Perseverance rover of NASA generates oxygen on Mars

Oxygen was generated successfully by the Perseverance rover for the very first time on Mars. As per NASA, this will help in storing oxygen and will also help the power rockets off the surface of the plant in the future. MOXIE generated about 5 gms of oxygen.

India in global energy transition index

India has ranked 87th on the global transition index. The ranking was out 115 countries that were tracked on the basis of their energy systems. Sweden has acquired first place while Denmark and Norway are in second and third. China has been ranked at 67 on the index.

Prime Minister Modi holds high-level review meeting

Amid the increasing Coronavirus cases in the country, PM Modi held a high-level review meeting to know about the ongoing condition. The meetings were held virtually with the Chief Ministers, top government officials, and oxygen manufacturers of the country. Prime Minister also addressed the voters of West Bengal virtually.

Bill passed to make Washington DC 51st state of the US

The US House of Representatives has passed the bill that will make Washington DC the 51st state. The legislation was passed with 208 Republicans voting against and 216 Democrats voting in favour. The Capital of the US, Washington DC does not have elected voting representation in Congress.

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