Tips on how to read The Hindu for UPSC Examination for Hindi Medium

Strategy to study “The Hindu” & other Newspapers for Hindi Medium in Civil Services Exam Preparation

All the aspirants preparing for the “Civil Services Examination” conducted by UPSC have to keep in mind some important things in their system of study to get success in this exam. We all know that for the preparation of Civil Services Examination  nothing is necessary other than goal whatever be the circumstances are. This is the reason why aspirants study under a variety of strategies to prepare for this exam, and an important part of this strategy is “Daily Newspaper“. Read the following blog for efficient reading of news paper in lesser amount of time:

Now, if you talk about the newspaper, “The Hindu Newspaper” is the most popular for preparation as far as  English medium is concerned in Civil Services Exam. But there are also many daily newspapers for the candidates of Hindi medium through which students can make important notes for UPSC Examination.

Some of these prominent names are given below:

Daily tribune

Daily newspaper

Dainik Jagran

New India

Business standard

Economic Times

Dainik Naujyoti

Some other major news sources

BBC Hindi (online)

Weekly / Monthly Economic Bulletin

Why is the Hindu only?

Everyone is aware of the experience and level of journalism that is followed in The Hindu.Hence analyzing any issue such as social, political, cultural etc. while maintaining the balance of objectivity and intimacy become easier in this news paper. This is the reason why it is considered important in UPSC Exam Preparation and from the point of view of questions asked in it. Even after knowing all this, the second most fundamental question arises in the mind of the new aspirant that How To Read Newspapers of this type from the point of view of IAS Examination?

How to read The Hindu or any other newspaper?

The most important and common problem is that most of the candidates are unaware regarding  what to note and how to do it. Here we will tell about some important study source and material.

First of all, you have to analyze the syllabus of the exam thoroughly, so that you will know which subject you want to study and which one you should not. With this type of compiled study system, the candidate should make a list by topic and select the news for study according to the syllabus, such as first page (front page) that news and articles related to the course of the examination directly or indirectly. Mark and link to related topics.

As you read the newspaper, you will get the news related to the list you have created, often the last page contains some scientific, biological, historical, factual and useful information related to the preferences. In the newspaper you will find many sections like – Sports (read big achievements or competition), Business page (read economic system and development material) and likewise mark the news with the help of the syllabus. One thing that you should remember that the news can be used for the formation of perspective and context. The opinion page and columns should be read accordingly for this purpose. Stay away from political, electoral news and philosophical basis articles etc. These materials have no relevancy for the exam. These kind of article only cause distraction. It is important to note here that any opinion or editorial that has political or electoral connotation should not be touched.

What type of points should the candidate note in their notebook?

Government Schemes, Projects, Major Reports like – Government Schemes, Projects, Global: IMF, WB, WHO, United Nations, NGO, WEF, etc., National: Think Tank, Policy Commission, RBI, Ministry, NGO etc., issues like poverty, Unemployment, Climate Change, Gender, Socio-Economic, Science and Technology and Environment.

If you start preparing by keeping these things in mind and making a strategy, then all you need is an essential component and that is hard work and confidence. Keep in mind that with this type of study strategy, you will be able to memorize more and more syllabus which is sufficient at this stage of preparation. Initially, students often take a lot of time to read newspapers, but with continuous effort and practice, the time period will be reduced gradually to read newspapers and prepare notes.

It is advisable that along with taking notes from the news paper answer writing practice should be done simultaneously as it will consolidate all the information and points learned on every day basis. The candidate will have to do smart time management along with hard work. Thus study the syllabus accordingly and make notes.

Written by Ashutosh Mishra

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