Prime Minister Modi will not attend G7 Summit in person due to COVID-19 situation, says MEA


The Ministry of External Affairs informed on May 11, 2021, that PM Modi will not be attending the G7 Summit in person in June 2021 because of the prevailing Coronavirus situation in India.

The Spokesperson of MEA, Arindam Bagchi stated that while appreciating the invitation of the UK PM to attend the G7 Summit as a special invitee, in view of the prevailing COVID-19 situation, it has been decided that PM Modi will not be attending the G7 Summit in person.

Prime Minister Modi was earlier scheduled to visit the United Kingdom in June 2021 on the invitation of the UK PM Boris Johnson to attend the G7 Summit as a guest.

G7 Summit in June 2021:

The G7 Summit will take place in Cornwall, UK from June 11 to 13, 2021. The UK Government, for the meeting, has invited leaders from Australia, South Korea, India, and South Africa to attend the event as the guest countries. It will further deepen the experience as well as the expertise in and around the table.

The upcoming meeting in June aims at addressing the shared challenges ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to the tackling of climate change. The discussions between the powerful nations will further ensure that the world can be benefitted from open trade, technological change, and scientific discovery.

What is G7?

G7 is an international grouping of France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the United States, Japan, the European Union, and Italy.

G7 grouping is the only platform where the most advanced and influential economies of the world are brought together to discuss various global and significant issues all over the world.

Previous canceled visits:

The cancellation of PM Modi’s visit to the UK in June 2021 is not the first time when the Coronavirus has impacted a significant diplomatic meet.

Earlier, Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson was scheduled to visit India to take part in the celebrations of Republic Day 2021. The plan, however, was called off by the UK PM because of the worsening COVID-19 situation in England at the time.

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