Prelims Postponed : Renewed Strategy to Clear UPSC Prelims 2021

Recently UPSC has announced to postpone Prelims Exam 2021 by 5 months amid rising cases of corona  in the country. This has not only given a sigh of relief to many aspirants who were unable to step out of their homes due to fear of fatal epidemic that has created a havoc in entire nation. With this postponement of exam the aspirants have started speculating regarding the change in strategy of exam as prelims exams is an exam of merely few days. The extra time could be utilized for mains preparation or enhancing answer writing skills that could further ensure your final selection in exam. Most of the students have completed their preparation of prelims and only slight revision and mock tests would sail them through prelims exam. But some aspirants might start fresh who are new to this exam. For such kinds of aspirants this 5 months of periods could be a game changer. It is this time when they put complete dedication and smart work. This is the last leg of the Prelims exam preparation for 2021.

Assuming you have completed all the basics and NCERTs by now, here we provide you few basic hacks to follow for the rest days .

Scan the entire  syllabus first! It is time to make sure you complete the entire syllabus by now. If there are any topics untouched, try to finish it soon or put a plan along with your current preparation.

  • Test Series! It is right time when you join a test series to get evaluated. It will help you in self-assessment which is an essential thing to do now. Taking one test per day leads to solving 7500 questions before D- day.
  • Previous year’s question paper! Go through the last ten years’ papers and SOLVE them yourself with proper test setup like timing, without break.
  •  Follow and stick to your timetable!
  • Try to study aligning with the exam timings. Like, avoid sleeping at noon and be very active from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Your daily learning should include Current Affairs, Revision, question papers, and tests.
  • Revise, Revise! The most important thing which usually gets forgotten in the process of the last leg! Include 3 sessions of revision- One, in the morning, to revise last day’s topics; Second, at any time of the day to revise last week’s important volatile topics/facts, etc and Thirdly, at night before you wind up, to revise that day’s topics
  • This may seem like too much, but the thing is it won’t consume much time because the first session is the one which was last day’s revision. It is extremely helpful for the candidates
  • Go through your NOTES for all the subjects.
  • Avoid meeting gatherings like marriages, friend’s meet-ups, etc
  • Take care of your health. Since the Covid cases are rising, it is wise to keep yourself safe to avoid unnecessary complications at the exam time
  • Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours. DO NOT compensate for sleep.

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