No risk of COVID transmission from animals to humans: Experts 


In an attempt to dispel rumours surrounding the transmission of COVID-19 from animals to humans, top medical experts have stated that there is no data that shows that the virus spread from animals to humans.

There have been rumours of the tranmission of coronavirus from animals to humans since the beginning of the pandemic. The rumours gained momentum amid the deadly second wave, resulting in the abandoning of pets. 

Animal activists raise concerns over abandoning of pets

Many animal activists and pet welfare animal organisations had raised concern over people leaving their pets on the streets due to fear of COVID transmission.

Medical experts shoot down rumours on COVID transmission from animals

•Top doctors and veterinarians have negated rumours surrounding transmission of COVID-19 from animals to humans. They stated that it is a false narrative.

•AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria stated “there is no data that shows the virus spread from animals to humans.” He reiterated that they only have data showing that the virus spread from humans to animals.

•A leading veterinarian, Dr. Sandeep Singh also told ANI that pets do not spread COVID infection to humans. He said that he received many calls from people asking if COVID can spread from pets and he informed them that these are only rumours. He reiterated that people should not leave their dogs and cats on the streets. 

•So far no medical institution has officially said that there is a risk of transmission of COVID infection from pets.

Can COVID-19 spread from humans to animals?

Yes, there is evidence of COVID-19 spreading from humans to animals, but on rare occasions. However, there is no evidence of an animal giving the infection to a human being. 

Medical experts have urged that people should not be afraid to keep pets at home and should look after them and not leave them on the streets. 


A lion had tested positive for COVID-19 in Jaipur’s Nahargarh Biological Park in May and two lionesses had tested positive at Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah Safari Park in April 2021. Earlier, eight Asiatic lions had also tested positive for COVID-19  in Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Park (NZP). These animals are likely to have contracted the infection from their zoo-keeper. 

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