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Staying motivation for exam preparation is pretty difficult, especially when it comes to competitive exams or board exams. But, nowadays there are a lot of tips and tricks available for exam preparation and study planning. Board exams can be stressful for students due to the tight schedule and pressure from friends and family members. Due to continuous exams with not much gap in between, students also face sleep deprivation and fatigue. A weak performance or self-doubt during this time can make us feel unmotivated. We should not let that happen. One must always try to maintain that optimal level of motivation to stay happy and peaceful. A positive mindset is important for better performance. There will be a lot of pressure and distractions. So what a student must do is to try and look at the bright side and prepare well, in par with his/ her capabilities. Stressing too much won’t improve our performance anyway. Therefore understanding one’s own potential and working to improve that is the key here. Losing focus is easy. Even one bad performance can demotivate us. Many children commit suicide or get depressed if they think that they have not performed well. Yet when the results come out, most of them have performed better than their expectation. This shows that, students should not let the thought of performing bad, ruin their performance in the next exam. Thoughts have to be transformed into something positive for good results and a good life. To avoid such situations, students can find out what their weak subjects are and start working on them. This depends on the particular individual. One might be weak in mathematics, while the other might be weak in science. Therefore, whatever subjects a student is weak in, he/ she should focus on improving that. Setting reasonable and realistic goals is necessary to avoid disappointment. Often times, students feel disappointed because they could not achieve their goals that were probably a little far-fetched. Once we know our capacity, we will get motivated to perform better and try performing well in the weak subjects. The tests conducted in school can be considered as an assessment of our potential capabilities. Setting a goal according to our capabilities will be possible once we understand what we want and how much effort we can put into it. That is, we have to put in more effort into our weak subjects and study the other subjects in a normal way. This will create a proper balance in our academics.

Setting goals is mandatory to gauge performance in exams. We should have a proper, achievable goal and reaching that goal will give us a sense of achievement and lead to overall happiness. Students usually crave for this sort of recognition from their teachers and peers. The recognition received can also motivate them at a higher rate. Loss of motivation is also caused due to exhaustion or fatigue. When we become tired, rationality is likely to be affected in a negative manner. Being well rested on the other hand, can bring in positivity and hope for a good performance and result. Proper sleep is very important for students, more so during exam season. Water has a major role in washing out toxins from our body. We will feel much more fresh and healthier when we drink lots of fluids. Drinking water is great. But, juice consumption can also be of great help to feel refreshed and healthy. Health has a huge influence on our performance during exams. Studies also show that our mood is better when we are well fed. Good mood is necessary to give a good performance in exams. Hence, eating at regular intervals provides good digestion and helps us to maintain good gut health. Instead of eating a lot of junk food, healthy food should be consumed. Studying for exams require energy and healthy food gives rise to high levels of energy. Eating well ensures good performance, based on one’s abilities. Not only during exams healthy food, should be consumed throughout our life for good health. However, one can indulge in other foods at times to loosen up a bit. Stress can be reduced significantly with the help of exercise as well.

Regular exercise improves physical health And as mentioned earlier, good health and hard work ensures good performance in exams. So, getting motivated can be done easily by following these methods. That is- proper sleep, healthy food, exercise, setting goals and above all hard work to achieve those goals. Exams are pretty stressful. But, everyone has to attend one exam or another at some point in their life. Life itself is an exam. Thus, one must be well prepared. Believing in oneself is very important. People might try to take us down and demotivate us. We must not surrender. We must not give up.

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