Merapi Volcano in Indonesia erupts 4 times


The Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Centre informed that the most active Volcano Merapi of Indonesia erupted four times with lava flowing as far as 1,500 metres from the crater.

The Head of the Centre Hanik Humaida said on June 3, 2021, that in six hours, Mount Merapi in Indonesia also experienced 43 avalanche earthquakes for 10 to 141 seconds and five gust earthquakes for 11 to 27 seconds.

Humaida further added that the mountain situated on the border between Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces was still burping thick white smokes as high as 50 meters above its peak.

Indonesian authorities had also urged the citizens not to be in the danger zone within a 3-km radius of the peak. People must also avoid rivers originating from Merapi, such as Boyong, Kuning, Krasak, Bedog, Putih and Bebeng rivers.

Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes. About 5 million people in the country live within the danger zones.

Merapi Volcano in Indonesia:

Mount Merapi is an active Stratovolcano which is located on the border between Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

It is the country’s most active volcano and has erupted regularly since 1548. Mount Merapi is located approx. 28 km north of Yogyakarta city with a population of 2.4 million with thousands of people living on the flanks of the volcano.

Eruption in 2010 changed its characteristic shape:

The Indonesian Government on October 20, 2010, raised the alert for Mount Merapi to its highest level. The government warned the villagers to move to safe ground and people living within the 20 km zone of the mountain were told to evacuate.

As per the officials, about 500 volcanic earthquakes were recorded on the mountain over the weekend of 23-24 October. Magma had risen to about 1 km below the surface due to the seismic activity. After the large eruption in the year 2010, the characteristic shape of Mount Merapi was changed.

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