Marathi film wins big at Moscow International Film Fest


Puglya, a Marathi film, has won the ‘Best Foreign Language Feature’ at the Moscow International Film Festival 2021.

The achievement continues Puglya’s immensely successful international stint as the movie has been winning accolades at foreign festivals. Director Vinod Sam Peter’s movie is about a pug and two boys.

While responding to the achievement, Peter, who also wrote the drama, stated that he was proud that the movie won at the prestigious Moscow International Film Festival. He added that he feels immense joy that the story has been receiving such a great response and that winning at the film festival is a great deal of pride for him and the team.

About the film:

The Marathi film Puglya revolves around two 10-year-old boys- one from the village while the other hailing from the city- and how the entry of a pug turns their life upside down. According to the director, the movie showcases the innocence and simplicity of the kids.

While talking more about the film, the filmmaker stated that he is ambivalent towards dogs, however, he realized that it has an international appeal as globally people are drawn to children and dogs.

Puglya completely revolves around their world which is marked by affection and values.

Recognition at various international platforms:

The movie has so far won honors at the Los World Premier Film Awards, California.

The Marathi movie has also competed at various International Film Competitions in Italy, London, Australia, Sweden, Turkey, the Philippines, Argentina, Iran, Belarus, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, Spain, Canada, and Israel.

Release date in India:

Director Vinod Sam Peter and his team have not been able to release Puglya in India because of the rising cases of Coronavirus in the country. The team has been waiting for the situation to get better to take a call on the theatrical release in the country.

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