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The Tourism Ministry has formed a draft national strategy and roadmap for the development of rural tourism in India. 

Recognising the immense potential of rural tourism, the ministry decided to formulate the strategy. The Ministry has been actively working to promote and develop this niche area of tourism. 

Rural tourism will be able to significantly contribute to the mission of achieving Aatmanirbhar Bharat. It will be driven by the spirit of “Vocal for Local”.


• The Tourism Ministry aims to overcome the aspect of seasonality in tourism and promote India as a 365 days destination. 

• The main objective is the identification, diversification, development and promotion of niche tourism in India. 

• The Ministry aims to develop a strategy to attract tourists with specific interests as well as to ensure repeat visits for unique products and the ministry feels India has an advantage in this aspect.

• The Ministry has also drafted a National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism.

Draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Development of Rural Tourism 

The draft strategy seeks to develop and promote local products through tourism to generate income and jobs in rural areas and empower local communities.


Its vision is to make tourism an important driver for rural economy and jobs while promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

It will facilitate an enabling environment comprising of Government, Industry, NGO, Community for the development and promotion of rural tourism in the Country.

Key Objectives of the Strategy

(i) To identify strategies for the development of Rural Tourism and stimulate job

(ii) To bring synergy and convergence in the Central and State programs for
development and promotion of Rural Tourism in the Country

(iii) To facilitate coordination of rural tourism development initiatives amongst relevant stakeholders

(iv) To create a platform to share knowledge of best practices, development opportunities and challenges in rural areas for tourism development

(v) To identify and recommend strategic areas/ clusters for tourism development in rural areas within the sector

Benefit- The move will help in reducing the migration from rural areas, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. 

What is rural tourism?

Rural Tourism is any form of tourism that showcases the rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations, which will benefit the local community both economically and socially. 

Draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism

• The draft strategy seeks to promote India as an affordable and accessible destination for medical and wellness treatments.

• The key drivers for the growth of Medical and Wellness Tourism include:

-Affordable and accessible quality healthcare services

-Facilitation around hospitality services

-Minimal waiting time

-Availability of latest medical technologies and accreditations

Why is there a focus on Healthcare and Wellness Tourism?

• According to the Ministry of Tourism, health­care and tourism are the fastest growing industries in the world and Medical Value Travel (MVT) is being promoted as a fusion product of these industries. 

• India has now grown to become a top destination for medical value travel as it ranks high in a range of factors that determine the overall quality of healthcare. 

• India is also a favourite destination for yoga and wellness with a special focus on traditional AYUSH therapies. 


The Ministry of Tourism’s main objective is promoting and facilitating tourism both inbound and domestic in India. 

Hence, it has increased its focus on augmenting tourism infrastructure and ensuring ease of travel and promoting tourism products and destinations. 

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