How to verify whether a Covid vaccine certificate is authentic or fake


You receive a COVID-19 vaccine certificate on the CoWin platform or Aarogya Setu app after completing the entire vaccination course. The certificate displays the name, Age, ID, vaccination details, and a QR code.

The QR code on the certificate is the main source of verification if your COVID-19 certificate is authentic or fake. The QR code is unique, and nobody can forge it in any editing apps to create a fake vaccine certificate.

The Government of India has implemented a verification system for the public to verify the authenticity of their COVID-19 vaccine certificate. Anybody such as businesses, offices, schools, organizations can verify the vaccination status of the people engaged with them.

Process to check the authenticity of a COVID-19 vaccine certificate in India:

• Visit CoWin verification website,

• Click on ‘Scan QR code’ on the website.

• You will receive a prompt from CoWin to allow you to use your device’s camera.

• Point the came to the QR code on the certificate issued for scanning.

• You will get a ‘Certificate Successfully Verified’ in case of an authentic COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

• In case the COVID-19 Certificate is fake, you will receive ‘Certificate Invalid’.

Once you complete your full vaccination course, get your COVID-19 vaccine certificate and get it verified by following the steps mentioned above.

Fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates being sold over the dark web

There many reports of fake COVID-19 certificates and COVID-19 negative test results being generated on the dark web. These fake vaccine certificates costs around $25 (Rs 1,800) up to $250 (Rs 1,800).


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