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All of us have heard of “getting in the zone”. Athletes often use this phrase to describe their situation in a tough game or any game in general. It is a special, magical feeling when we are so focused on the task at hand that everything seems easy and problem free. Everything just flows naturally. This “flow” is a psychological state that occurs when a person’s skills are matched to the task at hand. This is an optimal state of mind. “Flow” results in focus, concentration and complete dedication to the task. Most people have experienced this flow. Maybe someone was reading a highly motivational book or working so passionately with something. Time just seems to fly in such circumstances, when we are experiencing the “flow”. It’s a unique experience. That is flow or being in the zone as athletes call it. But, it is not just experienced by athletes. Everyone can have these experiences and eventually lead joyous, peaceful lives. It is everywhere. We just have to look for it closely. There are some common methods to find “flow” in everyday life and it is discussed in detail in this article. The first step is removing distractions. In order to feel the flow, we have to focus on one thing at a time. This means we have to avoid any other distractions like phone, TV etc. and finding a space that is appropriate to do the task at hand.  Eve a notification from our phone can ruin the flow. And smart phone are designed in such a way that they demand our attention. So, we should remove all distractions to get in the zone and find the “flow” in our daily life. as mentioned earlier, we should do one thing at a time. Studies show that this is more efficient than multi- tasking. That way we can concentrate fully on one thing and do it perfectly. This again means no distractions like TV or Smartphone. Better yet, we can shift rooms to create the perfect atmosphere. To increase our chances of getting in the zone, we have to do one thing at a time. This method will increase our chance of finding the “flow”. It also increases efficiency, because we put in all our efforts into that single thing. Picking up a hobby is the next step in finding motivation or the “flow”. Hobbies give us the opportunity to increase our skills and challenge ourselves. Practicing tasks is a part of hobbies and eventually we will start experiencing that flow, wherever everything flows naturally, without much effort. Whatever it is, our hobby is a way to challenge ourselves and increase our skills. That will improve our chances of finding the flow. However, we should not overwork ourselves and get caught up in it. Taking care of oneself is also important in life. self- esteem and self- love is required at appropriate quantities for motivation and success in life.

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Challenging oneself is necessary. Daily routine can become monotonous after a while. This might lead to lack of motivation which is the opposite of finding the flow. To maintain motivation levels and increase our chances of finding the flow, we should try new things. If something becomes too repetitive and boring, we should change it and do something. We should push our limit and experience new things. Sometimes we might need to set tougher goals to increase motivation. By adding some challenge in life, we might be able to find the flow quickly. Taking responsibility for our actions is also a significant factor in life. We should also take up new responsibilities when things get boring and monotonous. Adding the element of fun is a good way o stay motivated and get in the zone. We have to set some time aside for self- analysis or free time every day to feel motivated and not lose passion. For children this can mean playing. Spending time with friends and loved ones is also a great method to keep at it. For getting in the zone/ finding the flow, we need to challenge ourselves. It requires focusing on one thing at a time. If something is monotonous we will be frustrated. So, we have to change things a bit at times. And if there is no fun, we will definitely lose motivation and happiness. Thus, we need to engage in activities that are fun, challenging and engaging or make our everyday activities to have these qualities. We need to focus on one activity at a time. What makes us happy is the important question we should ask ourselves. Then we should concentrate on developing that. Distractions should be avoided and multi- tasking too. Only then we will be able to find the flow in daily life. By following these methods, we can definitely find the flow.

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