History, Significance; Know what happened on December 16 in India?


16 December Vijay Diwas: Vijay Diwas in India is celebrated annually on December 16 to commemorate the country’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war leading to the creation of Bangladesh. India on Vijay Diwas 2021 pays homage to the soldiers who fought bravely during the war which ultimately helped the Indian Armed Forces in establishing their prowess. Vijay Diwas on December 16, 2021, marks the 50th-anniversary celebrations of India’s glorified victory over Pakistan in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war. Vijay Diwas in India is not only a day of India’s victory over Pakistan during the 1971 Indo-Pak war but is also a day that played a crucial role in establishing strong relations between India and Bangladesh.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Vijay Diwas 2021, Prime Minister Modi via tweet recalled the sacrifice made during the Indo-Pak 1971 war. He also added that both India and Bangladesh forces, together, fought and defeated the oppressive forces.

On December 16, 1971, India won a war against Pakistan after fighting for 13 days. The struggle for the Independence of East Pakistan began on December 3, 1971, which ended on December 16 with the unconditional surrender of the Pakistani Army. 

India played a crucial role in Bangladesh Liberation War. The 1971 Indo-Pakistani war was a military confrontation that took place between the two nations during a Bangladesh Liberation war in East Pakistan from December 3 to December 16, 2021. 

The then Major-General in the Pakistani Army, Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi announced to surrender to the joint forces of India and Bangladesh Mukti Bahini. He surrendered with the 93,000 Pakistani troops and also signed the Instrument of Surrender in Dacca (now Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh). 

Bangladesh Liberation War: What was the reason behind the war and what was India’s role?

Bangladesh liberation in 1971 was an armed conflict that was sparked by the rise of Bengali Nationalists in then East Pakistan. The Liberation war in Bangladesh started when the Pakistani military based in West Pakistan launched Operation Searchlight in March 1971 to pursue the systematic elimination of nationalist Bengali civilians in East Pakistan. 

India joined the 1971 war after Pakistan launched airstrikes in North India. However, with the rapid alliance of allied forces of the Indian Military and Bangladesh’s Mukti Bahini, the Pakistani Army was forced to surrender on December 16, 1971, leading to the creation of Bangladesh. 

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