G7 leaders likely to agree to provide 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine


The G7 Summit 2021 will take place from June 11-13, 2021 at Carbis Bay, Cornwall. UK has taken over the Presidency of the G7 and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken the opportunity to invite leading democracies to help the world fight and then build back better from coronavirus and create a greener, more prosperous future.

The United Kingdom has invited Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa as guest countries to this year’s G7 summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the Outreach Sessions of the G7 Summit on June 12 and June 13, through virtual mode. 

G7 Vaccine Pledge

• The UK PM announced on June 11, 2021 that the UK will donate 100 million surplus coronavirus vaccine doses to the world within the next year.

• The G7 Summit nations are also expected to pledge at least 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to the world through dose sharing and financing during the summit. 

• The UK PM is also expected to call on the G7 leaders during the G7 Summit 2021 to make concrete commitments to vaccinate the entire world against coronavirus by the end of 2022.

• The world’s leading democracies are expected to discuss ways and set out a plan to expand vaccine manufacturing and supply and support equitable access to vaccines across the globe. 

UK to donate 5 million vaccine doses by September

• The United Kingdom has pledged to donate 5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by the end of September, beginning coming weeks, for use in the world’s poorest countries. 

• By sharing this, the United Kingdom is expected to meet the immediate demand for vaccines in the countries worst affected by coronavirus without delaying the completion of our initial domestic vaccination programme.

• Johnson has also committed to donating 95 million doses within the next year, including 25 million more by the end of 2021. 80 percent of the 100m doses will go to COVAX and the remainder will be shared bilaterally with countries in need.

G7 Summit 2021 Theme: ‘Build Back Better’

The G7 Summit 2021 Theme is ‘Build Back Better’ and the United Kingdom has highlighted 4 areas of priority under its presidency and these include: 

1. Leading global recovery from coronavirus while strengthening resilience against future pandemics.
2. Promoting future prosperity by championing free and fair trade.
3. Tackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity.
4. Championing shared values and open societies.

G7 Summit 2021 Countries

The G7 is a Group of Seven nations including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy and France. The United Kingdom, which holds the group’s presidency this year has invited India, Australia, the Republic of Korea and South Africa, as guest countries for the Summit. The meetings will be held in hybrid mode.

Other Major Highlights

• The G7 leaders are also expected to discuss how to expand the supply of vaccines internationally. 

• The leaders are also expected to discuss additional ways to support countries experiencing acute coronavirus emergencies and put in place mechanisms to prevent future pandemics. 

• This follows from commitments made at the virtual meeting of G7 leaders earlier this year.

• US President is expected to signal his key message “America is back” during the summit. This is President Biden’s first visit to Europe. He is expected to meet UK PM Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II and other allies at the G7 summit. 

• In their first face-to-face meeting, ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall, the UK PM and the US president will launch a new bid to reopen US/UK air links as they seek to revive the close ties of wartime leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt with an updated Atlantic Charter.

• President Biden is expected to voice his concern over UK’s threat of a further breach of the Northern Ireland protocol agreed by Johnson in 2019.

Which other leaders are attending G7 Summit 2021?

• G7 Summit 2021 will be attended in person by US President Joe Biden, UK PM Boris Johnson, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau, Japan’s pm Yoshihide Suga, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Angela Merkel and Italy’s Mario Draghi.

• The European Union will be represented by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel.

• Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and South African president Cyril Ramaphosa will all attend as guests in the G7 outreach sessions on June 12 and June 13 in a virtual format, while Indian PM Narendra Modi will participate through Zoom due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country. 

What is the G7?

The Group of Seven (G7) countries bring together some of the world’s richest democracies – the UK, US, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Italy, along with representatives of the EU.

India at G7

• G7 Summit 2021 will be the second time that PM Modi will be participating in a G7 meeting since 2014. India had earlier been invited by France to participate in the 2019 G7 Summit as a “Goodwill Partner”. 

• The United States had also invited India to attend the G7 Summit in 2020 under its Presidency. But the summit did not happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the outcome of the US Elections. 

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scheduled to go to the United Kingdom for the summit this year but the current pandemic situation prompted him to cancel. 

• Before 2014, India attended the G8 Summit five times. However, G8 became G7 again in March 2014 after the suspension of Russia following its annexation of Crimea in Ukraine. 

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