Current Affairs Quiz: 19 July 2021


19 July 2021: The Current Affairs Quiz section of Jagranjosh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day at ease. The day’s updated quizzes cover topics such as Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony, Monkey B Virus and Nelson Mandela Day among others. 

1. Which top automobile company has decided to cancel its Olympics-themed TV commercials?

a) Suzuki 

b) Volkswagen 

c) Nissan

d) Toyota

2. When is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony?

a) July 21st

b) July 22nd

c) July 23rd

d) July 24th

3. Which among the following sports will be making its debut in Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

a) Surfing

b) Golf

c) Equestrian

d) Fencing

4. The first human infection case of Monkey B Virus (BV) was reported in which nation?

a) South Korea

b) India

c) China 

d) Malaysia

5. Kadambini Ganguly, the first woman to be trained as a physician in India, had graduated in which year?

a) 1890

b) 1889

c) 1887

d) 1886

6. When is Nelson Mandela Day celebrated?

a) July 17th

b) July 18th

c) July 19th

d) July 20th

7. Which among the following nations has agreed to establish a new quad group with Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan?

a) China

b) France

c) US

d) Russia


1. (d) Toyota 

Toyota, one of the top corporate sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics, has decided against running Olympics-related TV commercials during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda and other top executives will also be skipping the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony on July 23, 2021. 

2. (c) July 23rd

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony will be live-streamed from 7 am on July 23, 2021. The Olympic Games will see medals awarded in 339 events across 33 sports comprising 46 disciplines. The event will conclude with the closing ceremony on August 8, 2021.

3. (a) Surfing 

Surfing will be making its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games along with three other sporting disciples- Karate, Skateboarding and sport climbing. Two other sports will also be returning to the Olympics this year after being cut out previously and they include Baseball and Softball. 

4. (c) China

The first human infection case of the Monkey B Virus was reported in China. A 53-year-old male vet in China, who had worked for an institution researching on non-human primates, had started showing the early onset symptoms of the virus in early March. He passed away in May. 

5. (d) 1886

Dr. Kadambini Ganguly is the first woman to be trained as a physician in India. She had become the first woman doctor to graduate from an Indian college-  Calcutta Medical College in 1886. 

6. (b) July 18th

Nelson Mandela International Day is observed every year on July 18, on the birth anniversary of the former South African President. This year marks the 103rd birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela.

7. (c) US

The United States, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan have agreed to establish a new quadrilateral diplomatic platform to enhance regional connectivity. The representatives from the four nations will be meeting in the coming months to determine the modalities of the cooperation with mutual consensus.

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