Current Affairs in Short: 27 May 2021


Government issues licenses to 5 more companies for the production of the drug to deal with Mucormycosis

• The Central Government has been doing everything to increase the availability of Liposomal Amphotericin B injections to deal with Mucormycosis or Black Fungus.

• In order to increase production, the government has given licenses to five more companies that can make the necessary drug. The officials were instructed by PM Modi to get this drug from anywhere in the world.

• Reportedly, Indian missions all over the world have been involved in securing the supplies of AmBisome. It has been achieved with the held of USA’s Gilead Sciences

• Gilead Sciences has been working on expediting the supply of AmBisome to India through Mylan. So far, over 1,21,000 vials have reached India and another 85, 000 vials are on the way.

• The firm is most likely to supply one million doses of AmBisome to India through Mylan.

Guidelines issued by NHAI to ensure service time for vehicles at toll plazas

• The National Highways Authority of India has issued guidelines to ensure that the service time is not more than 10 seconds per vehicle even during the peak hours at toll plazas on National Highways.

• The new guidelines by NHAI will ensure the smooth flow of traffic at the toll plazas as the vehicles will not be allowed to queue up more than 100 meters.

• NHAI, in a statement, stated that in most of the toll plazas, there is no waiting time after the mandatory 100% Fastag. It added that if there is a queue of waiting vehicles of more than 100 meters because of any reason, the vehicles will be allowed to pass without paying the toll, till the queue comes within 100 meters.

• As per the guidelines, a yellow line at a distance of 100 meters from the toll booth will be marked in each toll lane on highways.

• NHAI assured that it values the time of the commuters and is committed to providing them smooth and safe journey on highways.

MP government announces prior registration not required to get vaccinated in rural areas

• The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced that prior registration will not be needed to get vaccinated in the rural areas in the state. He added that villagers will be able to get vaccinated directly at the centers.

• The Chief Minister while reviewing the Corona Vaccination work in the state said that the COVID-19 vaccination must be undertaken as a campaign in MP.

• In urban areas in MP, the remaining vaccines can be used without prior registration after 4 pm. It has also been announced that Aadhaar Card will not be mandatory to get vaccinated without prior registration and a driving license, Voter ID, etc. will also be valid.

• Chief Minister has directed that the priority groups must be formed in 18 vaccinations such as hawkers, hand cart owners and the parents of young children must also be kept in the priority group.

• In MP, more than 1 crore Corona vaccine doses have been administered to people above 45 years of age along with those who are between 18-45 of age. The state has been receiving doses of Covishield and Covaxin.

French President acknowledges France’s responsibility for the 1994 Rwanda genocide

• The President of France Emmanuel Macron acknowledged on May 27, 2021, France’s complicity in Rwanda genocide. It claimed around 8,00,000 lives from April-June 1994.

• The President admitted that the country played its part and it bears the political responsibility for the events that took place in Rwanda.

• He mentioned that France is obligated to face history and admit that it has caused suffering to the Rwandan people by allowing lengthy silences at truth exams. The country did not understand that to prevent a regional conflict or civil war, it actually sided with the genocide regime.

• The French President made the statement in his address at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda’s Gisozi.

Indian-American nominated for Director-General of the US and Foreign Commercial Service and Assistant Secretary for global markets

• The US President Joe Biden has nominated Indian-American Arun Venkataraman for the Director-General of the US and Foreign Commercial Service and Assistant Secretary for global markets in the Commerce Department.

• Arun Venkataraman has over 20 years of experience advising international organisations, the US government, and companies on international trade issues.

• Venkataraman is currently the Counsellor to the Secretary of Commerce. He advised the department on trade as well as on other international economic matters.

• As the first-ever Director of Policy at the Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration under former President Obama, Arun Venkataraman had helped shape the US Government’s responses to the critical challenges that were faced by the firms in the United States and in the market around the world, including India and China.

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