GS Score Prelims Test Series 2021 -IAS Study Materials and Notes for FREE

GS Score Prelims Test series CRT having 37 tests can be accesed in PDF form from here. The tests are available at all bookstores in printed form. The PDF of test series can be downloaded free . PDF provided here has sole purpose to make knowledge accessible for all irrespective of their social or economic […]

Free Upsc Materials -Coaching Institutions Materials

Are you in search of free UPSC study materials?  GS SCORE brings to you, Prelims Sampoorna, a series of all value-added resources in your prelims preparation, which will be your one-stop solution and will help in reducing your anxiety and boost your confidence. GS Score UPSC Prelims 2021 Yearly Current Affairs Compilation,Topic-wise Prelims Fact Files (Approx 40),Geography […]

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